Voice Lessons / Singing Lessons in Aston, PA

We are fortunate to have three phenomenal voice lessons / singing lessons teachers here at Richards Guitar Studio. Livvie Forbes, Rosalind Hayes, and Tatyana Mykhaylova offer a diverse background and exceptional talent for singers of all ages and styles.

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Tatyana Mykhaylova

Teaches Fridays

Tatyana Mykhaylova comes to us from Ukraine and teaches voice lessons and piano lessons. Read her full bio on our piano lessons page here.

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Rosalind Hayes

Teaches Sundays and Mondays

voice lessons

Voice Lessons with Rosalind Hayes

Take voice lessons or piano lessons with Rosalind Hayes! Learn to sing and build your confidence! Engaging singing lessons at Richards Guitar Studio.

Rosalind Hayes has an undergraduate music degree from the nationally acclaimed Westminster Choir College, and a master’s degree in music therapy from Immaculata University. She is an exceptional performer and teacher, and has performed at such venues as Carnegie Hall and The Kimmel Center. Rosalind offers a variety of exceptional services that go above and beyond for her voice lessons students! Here is a sample of just some of the things Rosalind offers:

      • Lessons recordings – she records and sends portions of the lesson to her students for review when practicing at home.
      • Bi-annual recitals – Rosalind offers her students opportunities to perform the music they love, and gain valuable performance experience.
      • Student Showcase – she features a student each month on her website to do an interview and perform a selection of music they are currently learning.
      • Extra lesson materials – Rosalind sends out newsletters with lessons and YouTube lessons she creates, news articles about the brain and music, student news, tips on performing, blog posts she creates, and more to reinforce your singing lessons.
      • She not only teaches voice, but teaches classical piano! In addition, she can train her voice students to learn to accompany themselves on guitar or piano so they can learn to sing-and-play.
      • She teaches music theory and solfege singing along with piano and voice lessons to give students the best possible musical foundation.
      • Much, much, much more!

Do not miss this opportunity. Her schedule is filling up fast! Purchase a trial lesson for only 19.95 and we will email you back within 48 hours to schedule.

Here are two videos from her senior recital at Westminster Choir College. Powerful Pipes!!!

Here is an example of here YouTube lessons on How to Hit High Notes (she nails a high C about 2:10 into the video)

Rosalind will be working with out rock academy singers, as well. Check out the bands at Richards Rock Academy website.

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Livvie Forbes

Teaches Wednesdays

Voice Lessons

Voice Lessons with Livvie Forbes

Original Music from Livvie!!!

GREAT Cover and re-styling….

Livvie offers a refreshing modern approach to singing and performing modern, popular, and rock music. Her ability to make cover songs completely unique demonstrates her talented and creative musical ear, and she writes original music, as well. Learn guitar and ukulele in lessons as an added option, and learn how to play and sing. Livvie will take your singing and artistry to the next level.

Livvie Forbes Bio:

Livvie Forbes, a young and powerful singer began writing and singing at the tender of age of nine, after she developed several medical conditions which resulted in bullying from many people she thought were her friends. Her resultant anxiety and depression pushed her deep inside only to find a unique and soulful voice, both in tone and expression. Livvie’s original songs shine a cold light on living in a confrontational world. She hopes to empower and comfort those who also suffer with loneliness, hopelessness and chronic pain.

Livvie, at 18, has already performed and recorded with Grammy nominee
Eric Bazilian, of the Hooters and David Uosikkinen, Hooters drummer and
founder/ producer of the popular, In The Pocket ensemble of legendary Philadelphia musicians.

Livvie’s recent performance with Eric Bazilian’s Cavalcade of Stars at the Sellersville Theater earned her a rousing ovation and a legion of new fans with her moving rendition of “Until The Bitter End” written by up and coming songwriter Nate Rylan.
Livvie began recording her original songs at the age of 15 with Dan Minutolo a/k/a Dan Michael, who engineered songs for Will Smith and DJ Jazzy Jeff and is currently bassist for popular, Philadelphia blues group, the Bosom Band.

CHRONIC, performed by Livvie and produced by David Uosikkinen, Eric Bazilian and Stephen Butler, is a unique blend of originals (“Small”) and Livvie’s interpretations of new and older songs ranging from George Ezra’s “Budapest” to Fleetwood Mac’s “Edge of Seventeen”. Her strong, deep and soulful voice belts out Eric Bazilian’s “Love Is All” a song written years ago by Eric, Glenn Goss and Michael Caruso but only now recorded because of what Livvie and Eric could create together. Eric played many of the instruments on those songs accompanied by David on the drums. Livvie recorded her original songs, “Small” and “Addict” with David on the drums along with Smash Palace’s Stephen Butler and Wally Smith and former Bob Dylan and Billy Idol bassist, Kenny Aaronson, currently playing with the re-formed Yardbirds. The Hooter’s Fran Smith, Jr., played bass on Livvie’s interpretation of “Gangsta’s Paradise”.

Liv is a dedicated fighter for those who feel powerless as illustrated by her Presidency of Gender Sexuality Alliance club, an advocacy group which includes kids struggling with gender identity. Livvie, never shy about carrying a protest sign, has been seen at many events in Philadelphia, furthering the rights of those harshly judged for whom they choose to love.

Livvie’s old soul shines through each song. Chronic offers something for everyone. All who have listened to it often remark that they choose a favorite, but then their favorite changes with each spin. This is a top quality production of some of the most seasoned professionals in the business, supporting a fresh new talent Livvie Forbes