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New GARAGE BAND at Richards Rock Academy

Join our Garage Band class at Richards Rock Academy! A great beginner/intermediate class for learning to play in a band, and having a blast jamming with other students! Low-pressure environment and no live-shows requirement. For more information or to reserve a seat, email us HERE or call 610-908-5668.garagebandflyer copy 2

Drill of the Week #45 – Satriani Find the Note Pt.2

CLICK HERE for Tabs for Satriani Find the Note Pt. 2.

Nate shows you another Joe Satriani Find the Note lesson, this time on the notes A, D, and Bb. We will locate all of the A’s, D’s, and Bb’s on the fretboard. Music theory and guitar fretboard theory needs practice and drilling, just like technique, songs, chords, etc. The goal of this lesson is to periodically practice finding notes on the fretboard, with only a few to try (rather than attempting to memorize the entire fretboard). This will help your guitar solos, improvisation, song memorization, etc. by reinforcing the idea of “targeting” notes.  Here are a few tips:

  1. Use the 12th fret as a reference point. The 12th fret (double-dot on the neck) is the same note as the open string. So, if you know that the fifth string is called the A string, then you know that the 12th fret on that same string is also an A, just an octave higher. Once you get this idea, you can do the same idea with fretted notes. So, if you know that the 3rd fret on the fifth string is a C (usually the first dot on the neck is at the 3rd fret, but some guitars have an inlay on the first fret – but let’s just call the 3rd fret the first dot by thinking of a Stratocaster neck) – then you can figure out that the 15th fret is also a C (that’s the first dot past the 12th fret). Think of the neck from 12th fret higher as a miniature guitar, since it is simply a smaller repetition of the first 11 frets.
  2. Be patient, go slow. Don’t rush this. Take as much time as needed. This is an ongoing project, so once every week or so, pick one note and try to find all of those notes on the fretboard.
  3. Use a note you already know as a reference. So, if you know where all of the A’s are on the guitar, you can use that as a reference point for all of the Bb’s, as Bb is only a half-step (1 fret) higher than A.

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How to Play Four Sticks by Led Zeppelin

Click HERE for Tabs

Four Sticks by Led Zeppelin – a classic B-side song on Led Zeppelin IV that tends to be over-shadowed by Stairway, Black Dog, and Rock and Roll. This song makes great use of the guitar’s ability to play unisons – something a piano or wind instrument cannot do. While playing a unison, Jimmy Page bends the string to make an edgy, dissonant effect. Here are a few tips:

  1. When playing the unison bend, stay directly on the fingertip and don’t block the open string. Watch out you don’t block or dampen the open string unison. The open string ringing while doing the bend is the key element to this unique sound.
  2. Tap your foot and count to 5 for sections A and C. This rhythm is in 5/8, with a syncopated rhythm. Tap a solid beat with your foot and count to 5 to learn this add timing. Also, the first 2 chords are pickup notes, so count them as beats “4-5” to get into the song. If you ever want to play anything in a progressive genre, counting and playing in irregular time signatures is super important to learn.
  3. Feel 6/8 for section B.  As a contrast to the irregular time signature of 5/8, feel 6/8 by following the grouping of notes and accenting the first note in the group. The count should be “1 – 2and – 3 , 4 – 5and – 6” while picking “down – down up – down, down – down up – down.”

Nate from Richards Guitar Studio shows you how to play Four Sticks by Led Zeppelin in this guitar lesson tutorial. Guitar tabs included to follow along. Learn the chords, bending, strumming, and picking techniques by guitarist Jimmy Page.

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