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RGS Podcast Relaunch!!!

RGS Podcast Relaunch

We’re excited to announce the RGS Podcast relaunch! Subscribe to Richards Guitar Studio on iTunes, Podomatic, CastBox, or wherever you listen!  Below is a time-stamped breakdown of what we cover in Episode 3: Discussion with Nate Richards and Colin Ainsworth.

 On Episode 3 of the Richards Guitar Studio podcast, the show is back after a 4-year hiatus as owner Nate Richards and guitar instructor Colin Ainsworth discuss the history of the studio and touch on other topics that the series will dive into in upcoming episodes:

1:20 Nate outlines freelance teaching to build up students, finding the RGS’ location in the middle of the 2008 market crash, and interviewing teachers in Borders Books

11:10 Nate talks about his teachers while learning to play and band experiences in high school

19:15 Playing in bands in the ‘90s meant hand-building stages and dealing with the perils of minimum tape/CD orders from recording studios and recording scooped-mids guitar sounds

27:26 Nate and Colin discuss the benefits of buying physical media at record stores and the work that went into taping copies of albums

39:12 Thank your parents for the investment they make in your future; remember to “respect the business” when it comes to music, that joy in music comes from hard work, and that no music is above or below you

47:24 The importance of learning how to read music and basic theory/composition to learn rock music efficiently, the skillsets students tend to miss if they only learn by ear

57:55 How the studio’s music curriculum and business model have developed and finding the “junction of art and commerce,” the importance of keeping all students “speaking the same language” to make band rehearsals smooth

RGS Podcast

Nate Richards Colin Ainsworth – RGS Podcast

Nate Talks About the Mastery Program

Here is a middle-of-the-night candid talk about WHY we teach the Rock Guitar Mastery Program and why it is so important to our mission at RGS. You WILL NOT find a team of teachers who think long-term like we do, and put such a value on music regarding it’s impact on quality of life. Guitar lessons are more than just an after-school activity. Learning music in an effective and high-quality way can CHANGE SOMEONE’S LIFE. In my life, my ability to make great music has been a huge positive influence, and has helped me cope with many trials and tribulations along the way. Music can be a deep, healthy, meditative way to explore the imagination, and become a friend to you – helping yourself and loved ones through times of trouble as well as times of celebration and joy.

I sincerely hope you enjoy the philosophy behind this video – our aim is to elevate the quality of our students’ lives through music. – Nate Richards

Richards Guitar Studio provides professional guitar, drum, and bass lessons and rock band school in Aston, PA. Serving Delaware County – Media, Swarthmore, Springfield, Ridley, Garnet Valley, and Wallingford.

Podcast Episode 2 – Pete Napper Interview

Richards Guitar Studio Podcast Episode 2 – Interview with Pete Napper. I had the pleasure of talking with Pete for a half hour on all things learning guitar. I couldn’t be happier with the material that came out of this interview! WOW – Pete really knocked it out of the park with some great advice for guitarists of all ages, levels, and styles. Interview included advice on improving and developing guitar playing, the Troy Stetina method, classical guitar, theory, and much more.

Pete was a top student at RGS and is now an advanced guitarist currently working on ambitious projects in his own playing, including a full album cover of “Colors” by Between the Buried and Me.  Watch his cover of “White Walls” below – excuse the rough audio due to an incredibly loud amp.

Drill of the Week #36 – Blues Guitar Lick

Click HERE for Tabs

Rock music has it’s roots in blues, and blues licks are a key component to many guitar solos, as well as riffs. This blues guitar lick has many different elements crammed into it. Here are a few tips to get you started:

  1. Focus on intonation (tuning the bends). If you haven’t done so already, practice this lesson on tuning bends. Out-of-tune bends will destroy any solo – I don’t care how much cool shredding is involved, an out of tune bend really kills the sound. Practice the tuning bends lesson, focus on proper bending technique (YES – there is a proper technique to bends and not just pulling or pushing on the string!), and you’ll hear a significant improvement in your soloing.
  2. Watch out for the rhythm of the bends. Some bends happen gradually, some happen with a specified rhythm, others happen right away off of the pick and need a quick snap to fit into the rhythm. Know which one you’re performing, and work it into the rhythm.
  3. Practice strict alternate picking in measure 3. Focus on alternating the pick in a triplet rhythm. Each beat will use the opposite alternating pattern. So, for example, to maintain strict down-up picking, the first group of triplets is DOWN-UP-DOWN, the second group UP-DOWN-UP, the third DOWN-UP-DOWN and so on. You’ll need to feel the beat and tap your foot on DOWN on beat one, UP on beat 2, and so on.

Nate from Richards Guitar Studio shows you how to play a blues guitar lick. This lick uses the A Blues Scale, Blues Dorian Scale, bends, hammer ons and pull offs, and picking.

Richards Guitar Studio offers professional guitar lessons in Aston PA. We serve Delaware County PA towns such as Swarthmore, Media, Springfield, Ridley Park, Garnet Valley, and Brookhaven.

How to Play Four Sticks by Led Zeppelin

Click HERE for Tabs

Four Sticks by Led Zeppelin – a classic B-side song on Led Zeppelin IV that tends to be over-shadowed by Stairway, Black Dog, and Rock and Roll. This song makes great use of the guitar’s ability to play unisons – something a piano or wind instrument cannot do. While playing a unison, Jimmy Page bends the string to make an edgy, dissonant effect. Here are a few tips:

  1. When playing the unison bend, stay directly on the fingertip and don’t block the open string. Watch out you don’t block or dampen the open string unison. The open string ringing while doing the bend is the key element to this unique sound.
  2. Tap your foot and count to 5 for sections A and C. This rhythm is in 5/8, with a syncopated rhythm. Tap a solid beat with your foot and count to 5 to learn this add timing. Also, the first 2 chords are pickup notes, so count them as beats “4-5” to get into the song. If you ever want to play anything in a progressive genre, counting and playing in irregular time signatures is super important to learn.
  3. Feel 6/8 for section B.  As a contrast to the irregular time signature of 5/8, feel 6/8 by following the grouping of notes and accenting the first note in the group. The count should be “1 – 2and – 3 , 4 – 5and – 6” while picking “down – down up – down, down – down up – down.”

Nate from Richards Guitar Studio shows you how to play Four Sticks by Led Zeppelin in this guitar lesson tutorial. Guitar tabs included to follow along. Learn the chords, bending, strumming, and picking techniques by guitarist Jimmy Page.

Richards Guitar Studio offers professional guitar lessons in Aston PA. We serve Delaware County PA towns such as Swarthmore, Media, Springfield, Ridley Park, Garnet Valley, and Brookhaven.

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