Skype Guitar Lessons at Richards Guitar Studio

Skype Guitar Lessons

Skype Guitar Lessons

Take Skype guitar lessons at Richards Guitar Studio!

You can now study our Rock Guitar Mastery Program via Skype!

If you landed here from our YouTube channel, or our social media, CONTACT US to find out how you can study our guitar training methods with us, in real-time ONE-ON-ONE instruction via Skype.

These are real private lessons with a real instructor trained in our Rock Guitar Mastery Program. No gimmicks, no one-size-fits-all videos – this is the real deal and you will receive personal training and individualized instruction.

Skype Guitar Lessons

Rock Guitar Mastery Program teachers from left – Nate Richards, Eric Matelyan, Pete Napper, Nick Doak – and many many more at Richards Guitar Studio

Our methods have been developed and honed over the past 17 years of private guitar lessons experience (10’s of thousands of guitar lessons), trial and error, research, curriculum writing, professional resource sharing, etc  – the last 8 years the Rock Guitar Mastery Program came to life at our new location in Aston, PA.

Bass, music theory, and voice are also easy areas to study via Skype, and even piano and drum lessons can be done virtually!

We are located just south of Philadelphia, and have had students join us from South Carolina, Georgia, New York, and Atlantic City – and our message is spreading!

Skype Guitar Lessons

A young student on Skype while on vacation in Japan – now that’s dedication!