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I think it was an excellent class. The collaboration we were able to achieve because of the smaller class size was an added bonus. You always seem prepared to teach but also can change based on questions. With your philosophy and your ability it is no wonder why your business is successful. – Steve

Nate, I must say, the Rock Starter has been extremely useful lately. Ive been getting really good results with my students, and its very helpful to have an organized collection of teaching materials to supplement the lessons. There are lots of really good points in here. I think you’re onto something with the mastery program. – Eric
Thanks again for the great session! I definitely learned a lot, and I would be interested in the next one. This was a great seminar. We covered a wide variety of topics, and I gained a lot of practical insight into how to effectively teach guitar techniques and concepts. Nate is a great teacher and communicator, and the entire process was enjoyable and stress-free. I would highly recommend these seminars to any guitar teacher who is serious about their work. – Nikolay
I’ve been teaching guitar lessons for about ten years, and I currently work with twenty-five students every week. My lessons focus on song-learning. So, instead of teaching a student how to finger pick, I teach her how to play Blackbird. Once the song is mastered and can be played with tight, consistent technique, I say, “Now you know how to finger pick.” and we move on to another song.I’m constantly keeping an eye on the subtle and important aspects of learning guitar, and Nate’s workshop highlighted what exactly I should be looking for.

Nate’s seminar was very valuable. His instruction went deep into problems for guitar learners, how to address those problems, and how to create powerful takeaways for students. I walked away from a 3 hour guitar workshop with well over 3 hours of lesson ideas for students.

Beyond Nate’s method-sharing, it was great to meet and discuss guitar instruction with other teachers. – Matt