Guitar Lessons at Richards Guitar Studio

Richards Guitar Studio offers the highest quality guitar lessons in Delaware County. Our teachers are classically/university trained and active musicians, and our lesson program design is unmatched in our area. Whether you’re looking for expert classical, rock, blues, beginner, or any genre in between, we have a specialist for you.

RGS teachers Colin Ainsworth and Nate Richards jam with Rock Academy kids at The Trocadero Theatre.

RGS teachers Colin Ainsworth and Nate Richards jam with Rock Academy kids at The Trocadero Theatre.

For electric guitar students, our Rock Guitar Mastery Program™ is a unique opportunity for students to test through 7 levels of mastery that, if practiced diligently, will without a doubt create the complete advanced guitarist. If you are looking to learn electric guitar, or already play and want to improve, this program is for you – you do not want to miss out on this opportunity. Click here to learn more and read testimonials.

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Nate Richards

Owner and teaches Mondays through Saturdays


Nate has been playing guitar for 25 years and has studied with numerous guitarists in the area, including Glenn Lyons, Dr. Jeremy Lyons, Tony D’Addono, Gary Grisafi and Barry Benedetta. He completed his Music K-12 certification and dual degree in Music Education/Music Composition with a performance minor in classical guitar at West Chester University studying with Professor Glen Lyons (graduated magna cum laude). He was first chair and President of the WCU Guitar Ensemble and performed several solos and concerti during that time. In addition, Nate won a national and regional composition competition for his classical guitar piece Rhapsody, earning him a premiere performance at the State University of New York Potsdam Classical Guitar Festival and a featured master class taught by world-renowned guitarist David Tannenbaum at SUNY. He was also selected as a participant for several regional competitions for other works and won a memorial scholarship for his work in music theory at WCU. He studied composition with Robert Maggio, Mark Rimple, Larry Nelson, and James McVoy.

In addition to classical guitar, Nate is a respected rock/metal/shred guitarist and teacher, and has had 15 years experience teaching students of all levels, styles, and ages. He is open to the student’s needs and interests, tailoring the lessons and researching/selecting the best resources to help students accomplish their goals and exceed their own expectations. His students show measured success and enjoyment of music and develop into independent musicians. Several of Nate’s students have gone on to music colleges such as Duquesne University, West Chester University, Delaware University, and Temple University, as well as having performed in successful local rock and metal bands.

During the 2014-15 school year, Nate started Richards Rock Academy™ – the studio rock band program. In addition, he has written a comprehensive curriculum for electric guitar students called the Rock Guitar Mastery Program™.

Currently, Nate is orchestra director and teaches, guitar, and music theory classes at Garnet Valley High School in Glen Mills, PA. He has been working over the last several years to build a strong guitar lesson program at RGS, the rock band school Richards Rock Academy, and develop online resources for an integrated approach to guitar lessons. In addition, he is currently pursuing a master’s degree in classical guitar performance at West Chester University.

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Eric Matelyan

Teaches Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays; Rock Academy Director

guitar lessons

Eric Matelyan – Richards Guitar Studio Guitar Lessons and Rock Academy

eric (2)

Eric with long-time, dedicated student.

Eric teaches a youngster at a teeball family night

Eric teaches a youngster at a teeball family night

Eric first picked up an electric guitar at the age of 13, and hasn’t put it down since. He first started out listening and playing to the likes of several mainstream bands such as The Deftones, KoRn, Linkin Park, Slipknot, etc, but has slowly ventured out into various other territories including Jazz, Classical, Blues and other variations on the Rock and Metal genres. Deciding that music was going to be what he wanted out of life, he decided to take up classical guitar as a means of auditioning into a music school.

After pursuing classical guitar lessons for about a year in 2006, Eric made his way into West Chester University as a music major, and his experience there was priceless. Between music theory classes, performances, ear training classes and piano, his knowledge of music expanded in ways that one can only achieve by working with teachers and other musicians. However, in his 4th semester at the university, he realized he didn’t love classical guitar as much as electric, and decided to return to his roots.

He’s played in several bands throughout high school and college, and still envisions that scenario as a personal dream of his. Along with performances in classical guitar, he has played several concerts in rock/metal environments.

Eric feels that the best way to grow as a musician is to be open to various styles, as they provide a fresh take on how you play and think about the guitar. When you find exactly what you are passionate about, chase it. Engaging with other musicians and with teachers is the best way to overcome any obstacle that you encounter, and open doors you never realized where there. Creativity is gained through experience, he believes, and can’t simply be learned through books or the internet. Personally speaking, Eric’s expertise lies in the areas of rock and metal, however, he always keeps a foot in the door to other styles to better improve and enhance his own playing.

Watch him (or listen – it was a dark venue) play with his band, along with RGS drum teacher Josh. Some pretty amazing progressive metal!

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Nick Doak

Teaches Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays


Power outage in an ice storm? Doesn’t stop Nick from teaching in the hallway.

Boasting 15 years of guitar study and performance experience, Nick has earned a reputation for quality, reliability and variety. He is a graduate of West Chester University of Pennsylvania 2011, summa cum laude, with a dual bachelor’s degree in music education and performance and a focus on classical guitar as well as a vocal minor. He is also a graduate of the Honor’s College at WCU and a member of the Pi Kappa Lambda National Music Honor Society. Performing in the greater Philadelphia area, Nick finished as a semi-finalist in the 2009 and as a finalist in 2010 in the Philadelphia Classical Guitar Society competition. In March 2009, he began providing private guitar lessons at Richard’s Guitar Studio. Nick tailors each lesson specifically to the needs of his students, creating a fun and comprehensive study of guitar music through technique and theory.
Nick currently performs with the cover bands Hot Third Rail and Dean Street Duo in the greater Philadelphia area.

A diverse talent, listen to Nick sing and play “Sparks” by Coldplay, then play a Cuban classical guitar piece!

Book Nick for weddings! Go to

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Colin Ainsworth

Teaches Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays


Colin teaching long-time dedicated student.

Colin Ainsworth’s music career took off with his participation in the Sun Valley High School Concert Jazz and Marching bands. After high school, Colin went on to study history at Widener University and graduated in 2011.

Throughout his time at Widener, he was a part of the university concert, jazz and percussion ensembles. He was also a part of the Widener Jazz Quartet and Jazz Trio. Colin studied under Ricky Giordano at Caruso Brothers Music Studio.

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Pete Napper

Teaches Fridays

Pete Napper Guitar Teacher

Pete Napper Guitar Teacher

Pete picked up the guitar in middle school, when he was 12 years old. He had an extreme passion for the instrument and music as a whole, and an unrelenting drive and motivation to excel and consistently improve his craft on the guitar. Pete took lessons with Nate Richards at Richards Guitar Studio for 4 and a half years throughout high school, studying multiple genres and styles of guitar playing, including metal, rock, blues, jazz, and classical. Also throughout high school, he was involved in the Garnet Valley classical guitar ensemble for 4 years. During the summer of his junior year of high school, Pete spent a week studying contemporary guitar and guitar performance at the world-renowned Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts. Pete is now a teacher at Richards Guitar Studio, and is heavily involved in the Richards Rock Academy, promoting and playing shows at venues in numerous cities along the east coast. Pete also pursues his own musical endeavors independently, and has consistently maintained his tenacity and determination to succeed, not only at his own musical aspirations, but also at sharing the wonderful gift of music with the world and those around him.

A young Pete Napper playing Periphery:

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James Melton

Teaches Saturdays

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Ian Scattarregia

Teaches Thursdays

Ian Scattareggia is a graduate of Bloomsburg University with a Bachelor’s degree in Music, where he focused on Classical and Jazz Guitar as well as Audio Recording Engineering. He completed an internship with Grammy Award Winning Recording Engineer Phil Nicolo at Studio 4 in Conshohocken, PA.

Ian has taught professionally for 9 years covering all styles. He is currently playing lead guitar in the band “Dreamtime” for the company “EBE Talent” of Philadelphia. He performs all over Philadelphia and has traveled as far as Costa Rica to play a destination wedding.

Ian has performed in various club bands in Philadelphia, New Jersey, Maryland, Florida. Ian has also performed original music at venues such as the TLA, World Café Live and The Legendary Dobbs. He is currently working on an original metal project. Ian specializes in genres such as jazz, rock, metal, fusion, funk, blues, pop, classical.

Check out Ian playing some jazz, and some metal!