Drum lessons at Richards Guitar Studio

Wanna play drums? A great drummer is the key to a great band! Take drum lessons with our exceptional drum staff at RGS. All styles, ages, and levels welcome. Our drum teachers offer an incredible education, performance background, and stunning technique to any student who studies with us. Our drum instructors deliver engaging and professional drum lessons.

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Josh Soltroff

Teaches Saturdays, Sundays, and Mondays

Joshua Soltroff is a drummer from Folsom, PA. and has been teaching at Richards Guitar Studio since May, 2014. He began playing drums at the age of 8, and studied under Mike Merlino at Top 10 music, in Glenolden, PA. He is currently a Jazz performance and composition major at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, PA. Outside of studying jazz, he is also studying world Latin, Funk, Hip hop, fusion, and heavy metal.

Although Josh studies jazz, take a look at him recording a phenomenal metal drum track – amazing technique!

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Colby Wahl

Teaches Wednesdays

 Colby Wahl has over 15 years of experience teaching drums to students of all ages. He obtained his BA in Jazz Performance from The University of North Carolina, Wilmington in 2000, and has also studied with greats such as Jason Marsalis, Alvin Atkinson, and Israel Bannerman. He has led award-winning jazz groups and performed at the renowned North Sea Jazz Festival. While his formal education is in jazz, Colby is highly versatile and is regularly contracted to perform in rock, R&B, funk, and country bands.

Colby’s passion for sharing his love of music with others inspired him to create a youth rock band and an after-school percussion program for inner-city children. He is known for his patience and ability to meet his students where they are, from those just starting out to experienced musicians.

One of his students described him this way:

Colby is an amazing teacher. He’s methodical and emphasizes strong technique, always pushing me to my limits because he knows I can do it. It’s fun, too, because we focus on the music I like, and when I don’t get something, he keeps breaking it down until I do. He never gives up and is constantly looking for new resources and technology to improve his teaching and help his students. When he’s not teaching, he’s practicing and observing other drummers to improve his own skills. He’s one of the hardest working teachers I know. – Colby Wahl Student


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Dave Indevaro

Teaches Thursdays

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Rock Academy Drums Program

Official Rock Academy Gigging Bands, Intro-Level Garage Band Class, and Adult Garage Band Class

Drum lessons

Our drum set ready to rock at The Trocadero in Philly. Engaging drum lessons at Richards Guitar Studio

drum lessons

Our electric drum set for drum lessons at Richards Guitar Studio

Our drum teachers also train our drummers at Richards Rock Academy™. They prepare our drum students with engaging lessons, expert technique development, and enthusiasm for music! And our students ROCK in live gigs and music festivals. Our students get the opportunity to perform music with other students at RGS, and become a seasoned performer!