The great Andres Segovia

The Great Andres Segovia

What’s the difference?

At RGS, we teach authentic classical guitar lessons in the traditions of Manuel Barrueco and Andres Segovia. You get the benefit of learning the true classical guitar from trained professionals in that style. The classical guitar is a much different animal technique-wise than the acoustic or electric guitar, and very different in mindset, theory, approach, and interpretation. You need a true classical guitarist to help you journey into the rich traditions of classical music – and that is exactly who we have on our staff here at Richards Guitar Studio.

Nate performing a classical guitar and flute duo with friend Cheri France

Nate Richards performing a classical guitar and flute duo with Garnet Valley School District music teacher colleague, Cheri France, at West Chester University

Learn to sight read music notation on the guitar. Play music from 600 years of the greatest composers who ever lived, from countries all over the world. It is a musical journey you can’t imagine until you see it for yourself!

Guitar virtuoso Manuel Barrueco

Guitar virtuoso Manuel Barrueco