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Short guitar and music theory tips.

Tremolo Picking Guitar Lesson

Tremolo Picking Guitar Lesson – our new camera and audio/visual setup!

Nate Richards teaches a tremolo picking guitar lesson to get your picking speed moving. Get your thrash metal on!

And we are excited to show you our new audio visual setup with our brand new camera and film studio at RGS!

Nate is playing a new Jackson SLAT Soloist through a Fender Champion 100 amp.

This picking technique is in the style of Dave Mustaine of Megadeth and James Hetfield of Metallica. Give it a try and send us your questions or comments!

How to Play Guitar Standing Up

Do you always play guitar sitting down? Nate shows you how to play guitar standing up, and offers some tips and advice on how to get used to it.

It is important to become comfortable with how to play guitar standing up – you can’t sit forever. At some point, you’ll want to play in a band, with some friends, or at a recital/concert of some kind. It is also lots of fun!

Here is a video for beginners who are having trouble figuring out how to adjust the length of their guitar strap:

How to Play Bar (Barre) Chords Clearly

Nate shows you how to set up bar chords, as well as play them clearly and eliminate muted strings.


Expanding Shred Guitar Licks

Nate shows you how to expand your shred guitar speed licks by using different octave positions.  Pretty cool and fun to play around with.  No tabs with this one.


Tips on Stairway to Heaven Solo

Nate gives you some tips on playing the solo in Stairway.  See Section J.

CLICK HERE for Tabs – Link will open a new blog window. Click link again to view.


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