Mark earned his Rock Guitar Mastery System™ Level 2.


Richards Guitar Studio offers a wide variety of opportunities for adult students, such as private lessons, adult rock band jam sessions, music theory and guitar technique classes, the guitar mastery program – all are tailored to the busy lifestyle of working adults (as well as retirees!).

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Nate earned his Rock Guitar Mastery System™ Rock Starter Level

Nate earned his Rock Guitar Mastery System™ Rock Starter Level

We teach a large number of adult students, and we are always excited to get adults started on their lessons. Why? An adult who goes out of their way to learn an instrument they’ve ALWAYS wanted to play brings to the table an enthusiasm for music, as well as the motivation to overcome new and interesting challenges. Beginner, intermediate, advanced, frustrated self-taught learners trying to navigate YouTube, Rocksmith, Ultimate-Guitar, Songsterr, and guitar lesson websites – we can help you find a clear path to reach your exact goals without the hassle and confusion of trying to go-it-alone.

Watch adult student Mike SHRED through Bullet for My Valentine song “Your Betrayal.” Tiny hiccup in the beginning but man he nails this song!